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When you work for London escorts, you get to meet a huge variety of people who all have different needs. I am sure that most cheap escorts have met men with very exotic taste. Of course, there are some men who have more quirky tastes than others. For the life of me, I can figure out why some men like to watch other people having sex. I think it is okay to do so when you watch a porno, but a real live sex show is not for me.

Real live sex shows have always been popular in Red Light districts around the world. You would have thought that they are a thing of the past, but believe it or not, they still go on. A couple of weeks ago, I went on a weekend break to Amsterdam with a few of my friends from the London escorts agency I work for. Walking around the Red Light district, we came across numerous live shows that I am pretty sure that many of my London escorts would enjoy.

But, that does not answer the question why some London escorts get a kick out of watching live sex? I have tried to speak to many of my personal London escorts about the habit, but even they can’t explain it. The guys who like to watch live sex shows are often the same kind of guys who get a kick out of going to sex parties in London. I rally can’t say that sex parties are for me either. Watching other people have sex at a sex party would not turn me on at all, I am pretty sure about that.

The interesting thing is that some men who like to watch live sex, are not really into having sex with a partner. Instead they prefer solo sex and personal self satisfaction. I have met many men like that during my time with London escorts. That does not mean that they don’t enjoy the company of women. As a matter of fact, it is the main reason why they like to date London escorts. I can understand that they crave female company, but I found it hard to believe that they don’t want to have physical sex.

I read somewhere that some men and women have a fear of being touched by others. It is a phobia which is associated with having a hard time relating to people. I am sure there is a connection to the men I meet at London escorts. They seem to want to enjoy female company, but often when you reach out to touch them, they flinch. It is a bit of mystery to me but I am sure that many London escorts have come across this issue. But, as I keep telling myself, they are not doing any harm at all. Let them carry on and enjoy life in their own way. What right do we have to judge others?

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