Day: May 28, 2021

Sex DriveSex Drive

As human beings we have an obligation to ensure our health is optimal and that our physical state is as healthy as possible, this is just as important to people who work in the escorts industry. It is also the same with sexual matters. We can’t rely on what society as a source of reliable information for what we should be consuming, we need to do our own research on what is best for us as individuals to eat as we are all unique in our genetic make up. This is the same with sex; London escorts look for food that is best for their sex drive. Yes, you heard It right, there is a lot of nutrition in foods especially plant foods that is great for better sex. These foods help improve your stamina, boost your libido, and enhance your sex life.

Keeping your circulatory system healthy is essential for sexual health. If you clear up your circulation, you will gain an improved sexual desire according to cheap Escorts. You should eat food which is good for the heart, for cardiac health is essential for stamina. A massive intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grain and high fibre, healthy oils like olive and other nut and seed oils, or seafood, legumes, and nuts, must be included in your diet. Following such a healthy diet makes improve your sexual health.

Let us now see the specific foods that I eat to increases my sex drive:

Walnuts – walnut is one of my my favourite, according to my research walnuts helps increase sperm count. It can help improve the movement, shape, and vitality of each sperm. I would say this is my favourite and that I am not afraid of fertility count.

Strawberries – I don’t particularly like strawberries; I am the only family member who doesn’t like strawberries. I wouldn’t say I like its taste. But when I heard that the seeds are rich in zinc which good for sex according to London Escorts. A woman who has higher zinc, heresy drive tends to be higher.

Avocados: A kind of fruit that can be found in our front yard. My mom used to harvest this kind of fruit and will give it out to all our neighbours. As I become older, now I found out its has many health benefits for our bodies. I stopped my mom from sharing it because I wanted to eat it for the benefits provides all of us in the family. It has a higher content of folic acid vitamin B6 that is essential to sexual health.
Chocolate – ever since a kid, I love chocolate. As my mom said, I love more chocolate than her. Well, eating chocolates relaxes me and makes me very happy. I don’t if we have the same feelings, but that is me. It makes me very happy. Dark chocolates are heaven to me, and according to London escorts is great to help increase libido and contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body. This makes total sense to me as i have always loved chocolate and had i high sex drive.

Egg – Oh, I love eggs, especially the scrambled egg made by my partner. There is no reason why he quickly gets erected, due to the high protein he is able to increase his stamina most especially when he’s near with me. Egg although high in cholesterol and fat can be healthy depending on how it is prepared and when eaten as part of a high fruit and vegetable diet.

Coffee: Coffee relaxes me most of the time. It is my comfort buddy in times of stress. Thus it helps also in stimulating a higher form of arousal.

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